Betty Disco and Miriam van der Linden have been working together as an artist’s duo since 2009. Our collaboration flourishes in a papermaking studio, “De Papiertuin”, located in Velp, the Netherlands. In this studio we transform our own handmade paper into sculptural objects, installations, and wall relief objects..


We make a great variety of paper from imported exotic fibers but also find interesting raw material in the local woods, near the rivers or by the sea.


Working together allows us to share ideas and techniques. It invites us to discuss our artistic impulses with each other, to elaborate motives before we can proceed. Our main common denominator is a love of papermaking and of the natural world. Fortunately, we still have more than enough esthetic and substantive differences. Fitting the pieces together is a challenge that often produces surprising results


Betty: “What fascinates me is the stream of life. In my work I symbolically mimic the global movements, the change of day and night, the rhythm of the great ocean circles, the movement of animals and plants migrating.” Betty perceives the elements water, wind and light in a graphic context against a background of changing landscapes."


Miriam: “Art lies at my feet. I examine natural structures from close by; the patterns, structure, and texture; in this way small can become big; slaloming between the contrasts, I realize a new balance.” Miriam transforms her natural treasures into new-found abstractions that materialize in her paper art."