Algae Blooms


Betty Disco & Miriam v.d.Linden

Handgeschept Papier

13 mobiles @ 170 x120 cm per stuk


16 to 24 June artists duo Betty Disco and Miriam v.d. Linden ( will show a selection of their recent work during the 25stse anniversary edition of the art manifestation KUNSTSCHOUW Westersschouwen ,Zeeland. In this diverse landscape, about 200 artists will be represented from home and abroad.

Contemporary art, experimental installations and performances, photography, computer and video art but also the more established art forms such as ceramics, painting and sculpture combine in an exciting way with authentic locations in Zeeland such as old churches, barns, a corn mill, villas and gardens, spread across 12 villages, historical sites, forests and on the beach.

 Welcome to the Jacobuskerk in Rennesse,  (we will be present) Adres: Lange Reke 7, 4325 AA Renesse

Provincie: Zeeland